August 24, 1997

Minutes of the thirteenth meeting of the Tri-State chapter held on August 24, 1997 at Nick Gauthier's Home.

In Attendance:

Bean Amerika
Dmitri Donskoy
William Gale
Nick Gauthier
Sam Liebowitz

Excitement Sharing

    Gale - had traveled on his own without getting hurt.
    Dmitri - Working on the new SEE web site.
    Nick - Stayed on the west coast for a while after the Conclave.
    Sam - Business going very well.
Update From Rifle

The problems between Kail Anderson and Richard Crews were briefly discussed.

Conclave Review

The Hospitality suite was a big success, it provided a venue for us to network with the other FMF members, and was the only 'off-hours' forum for informal meetings. At the business meeting on Sunday, SEE was officially endorsed by the FMF. Elaine Solenway agreed to help us at SEE to learn what she does with raising special herbs and plants, and perhaps sub-contract some of her work to us. Nick talked to at least one member of the FMF who was initially against the idea of SEE, but changed her mind after Nick explained the concept to her more clearly.

We learned that having a Hospitality suite was a good idea, that next time we should have the Conclave at a less expensive place, and that most, but not all, FMF members were positive on SEE.

We need to follow up by sending out more SEE books, talk more to Bill McDade, and Derek.

Group Troubleshooting

There was some discussion about a disagreement that had developed between Gale and Richard Crews. Richard wished to push forward more quickly with the establishment of the base utilities, and Gale wanted to wait until the cooperative was officially incorporated. A reply that Gale had drafted to Richard was reviewed, and slightly revised. Everyone endorsed Gale's response.

SEE Review

Gale passed around some pictures of the property that he had received from the realtor. The pictures showed the underbrush and various trees that were growing in the dry creek beds. We then reviewed a listing of various structures for SEE, and ranked them according to how sooner we felt they should be constructed. There was also a review of the benefits of using Well water vs. water from the utility companies.

SEE Finances

A review of the individual costs associated with SEE, including the land, well, electricity, phone, incorporation, community building, private household, insurance, septic, gravel, fence, and one organic growth house, for a total of $ 180,000. Divided into the share for an individual member, this came to a total of $ 12,300 per person, and with a 25% down minimum, means each member would need at least $ 3,100 in cash, and approximately $ 1,000 per year for maintenance.

House Design

House design for the Organic Growth house was briefly discussed.


A woman from the Discovery channel in England who was doing a special on space colonies had talked to Richard Crews, and he in turn, had referred her to both Gale and Sam. We briefly discussed how to present a unified front to the outside world about both FMF and SEE. We also discussed getting a table at SCA events, Gaming, and New Age type conventions. We also discussed creating a new brochure about both FMF and SEE, which both Nick and Sam agreed to work on.

New Business

It was mentioned that Ingrid Moon was looking for help on the new paper version of Distant Star.

Old Business

Renewals were discussed. Dmitri agreed to email all the chapter members who had not yet paid their chapter dues. Both Nick & Bean paid their dues.

Next Meeting

The next Tri-State Chapter meeting was scheduled for September 21st, 1997.

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