Sailing the World's Oceans

I have many dreams for my future. One of these goals, which I am very seriously pursuing, involves me retiring on a sailboat large enough to navigate the open oceans. First and foremost I consider myself to be a citizen of the world and before I get too old to do so, I would like to explore as much of my world as possible. I long for the opportunity to relax on the deck of my floating home and watch the sun rise up over the horizon in the East, lazily hover overhead through the course of the day and then slip away again in the evening at sunset.

My hopes are to save up enough money while i'm still young, so that when I turn 40 I can purchase a brand new fully modernized and equiped sailboat large enough to comfortably fit four adult individuals and several children. I intend to retire on my boat along with my wife (if I should happen to be married) and my children (if I should happen to have any). In order for this dream to be realised, I will need to have enough money invested so that I can live off of these investments comfortably, for the rest of my life. By the time i'm 40, technology could progress enough to allow me to link to anywhere in the world via satellite to allow me to keep track of my investments, and even make some extra money on the side consulting individuals in my fields of expertise. I should be able to telecommute to anywhere in the world from my boat.

Of coarse I won't be too preoccupied with the stresses of the world i've left behind and instead will spend my time circumnavigating the world, exploring places like the Galapagose Islands, the Carribean, Australia, the European Coast and the many other beautiful places on our planet. Along the way my children will learn life's important lessons not from television or from some strange person who probably has no clue what the world is really about. Instead, I plan to teach my children astronomy by taking them out on the deck at night and showing them the stars and planets. I plan on personaly teaching them the sciences, mathematics, the humanities, and literature. I will try to let them learn their discipline and responsibilty from the unforgiving and all providing ocean.

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